Sunday, May 24, 2009

Using Podcasts as Audio Learning Objects brought out some excellent points regarding use in schools and the fact that it has instant application for education. Our reading scores here definitely indicate that it isn't something that students do a lot. Utilizing podcasts can help prevent students from not learning information because they can't read it. And certainly, many people don't want to sit for hours and read information that isn't for enjoyment or their own choice.

Producing educational podcasts definitely goes beyond just talking into the microphone. Interesting, all the variables for assuring that the podcast is able to keep the attention of the listener and assure there is retention. A lot to consider to do it well and assure there is a learning objective and educational value.

Of course, podcasting can have a place in education, but it needs to be utilized properly and as an enhancement to classroom learning.

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  1. I agree with you fully. I think that podcasting is a great idea. It gives the students another away of refreshing their minds about what was talked about in class at a later time. We as teachers can us the ipods with the days lectures as a way to keep them awake. They need to focus in order to download the days lecture. We can make sure that they are taking notes. Podcasting can be a great tool for those students who normally struggle in the classroom.
    You are so right, if podcasting is Utilized properly then they can be used in the classroom.