Sunday, May 24, 2009

Neomillennial User

Students have definitely changed as have their expectations and learning styles. Today's youth start at a very young age utilzing technology and the features that keep their interest. They want to be actively involved and can through many of the social networking technologies and they can move at their own pace rather than a pace set for them. The idea of learning by sharing of information with a group through social networking technologies has great potential. This also changes the way we teach and the way lessons are designed.

Once again, student safety is an issue. However, providers are beginning to address these issues and hopefully will provide some of the help we need in education to be able to take advantage of current technological advances.

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  1. Great point regarding today's youth and the young age they start using various technology. When recently covering a 4th grade class, I was in shock at how many turned in their cell phones at the start of class...