Sunday, May 24, 2009

The History to Go: Why iTeach with iPods was quite interesting. Among the challenges, it was mentioned that a lot of time needed to be spent guiding students through the basics to achieve the outcome desired. I'm sure that is frustrating as I struggle to try to understand what I'm suppose to do with all these new forms of getting and receiving information, but it seems that the positive of that is the change of the classroom environment. If students are spending more time in exchange of information prior to class, then class can go into greater depth in the subject and utilize higher order thinking skills.

Though the group wasn't large, it was interesting to hear that a student listening to herself on the iPod was able to learn better organizational skill for her writing and improve some of her writing problems. I

At a minimum, I believe I could use the iPod to provide kids with music to practice various dances at home. And as my skills at Podcasting become better, I could provide the cues for specific routines with music so that students could practice and more advanced students could improve their ability at cuing dance.

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